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The house that Clint and Carey built September 7, 2007

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The title is a little misleading because we didn't actually build the house.  Someone else did that for us back in the 1960's.  However, it is a different space than it was on June 13 when we signed the papers.

The basement will be our first installment.  Here's what it was:

When you came down the stairs this is what you saw.  A long, skinny, ugly laundry room.  On the other side of this wall was:


The lower garage which was huge.  It took up 2/3 of the basement area.  The man had all kinds of weird shelves and things hanging from the ceiling.  When you looked around this corner you saw:


The garage in all of its glory.  Unfortunately we didn't need a 30×40 work space in our basement.  But we did need a bedroom for Madi and Emma as well as a family room.  So the fun begins (although it wasn't fun).

First we tore out the old wall and all of the shelving and bench.  Hired a concrete guy to cut out a standard window for the girl's room. Next my dad, brother, and I framed the walls.  Then 5 guys from church helped us hang the sheet rock – we did all of that in 4 days.


Here's my brother Craig – the mastermind of the whole deal.


Next we hired someone to tape and bed and texture.

Then a group of college students came from church to help us paint.



As we finished up with the little stuff, Blue Springs Carpet and Tile laid the carpet for us.


We moved in the furniture and here is what it looks like now.






Of course it doesn't look quite this clean right now because we do have 4 kids.  But you get the idea.

We are incredibly grateful to those who helped us.  This family room is perfect for us and it is huge to have a true 4th bedroom.

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