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This post brought to you by the number 9 January 23, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Family.

Today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary.  I don’t know how to put this but, it’s kind of a big deal.

9 years ago today I spent the morning hanging out with my best friends, spent the afternoon with all the people I like best, and spent the evening driving enroute to my first speeding ticket.  You’d think the cop would have given us a break since the car was decorated and said “Just Married” in Oreo’s.  He was heartless though.  He gave me a ticket and a piece of marriage advice which was also pointless.  He said that years 7 and 8 would be the most difficult.  Well, we just got through with years 7 and 8 and they were awesome.

9 years ago I also spent this afternoon commiting myself to the woman of my dreams.  I promised to choose to love her, regardless of what came our way.  It’s a promise I’ve never once regretted.  Sure there have been moments of hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and frustration; but no matter how hard it’s been to work through them or how much I didn’t want to, it has most definitely been worth it.

The choice to love and honor one another is what makes the difference.

Carey, you are and will always be the #2 love of my life.  No one else has a chance of taking that spot because you are the only one God made to fit.  Thank you for choosing to love and honor me each and every day.  As long as I’m alive, I’m wholly yours.



1. jason allen - January 24, 2008

Congrats guys! Hope you enjoyed it.

2. Sugar - February 28, 2008

I thought you were kidding when you said it would be brought to you by the number 9. Guess not! How did you ever get that off of Sesame Street?

Seriously, congratulations to you both.

Love from Mom and Dad

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