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BirthWeek March 14, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Family, Life.

One fun thing about starting a family is that you get to do things the way you want to.  I know you remember telling your parents “when I grow up I’m not going to _______ (insert thing you didn’t like doing)”  or “when I have my own house I’m always going to _______ (insert thing you really liked doing)”.

One thing we’ve decided to do at our house starting this year is celebrate a BirthWeek.  In our minds, BirthDays are too special to only celebrate for 1 day.  So this year we have instituted the BirthWeek.  The BirthDay person gets 7 exciting days of non-stop BirthWeek action.  Everyone defers to your opinions, they go out of their way to do special things for you, you get to choose the food, and surprises are a constant throughout the week.

There is still the BirthDay, with a party, cake, and presents.  And the BirthWeek must encompass the BirthDay.  It seems to work best with the BirthDay as the kick off to a week long celebration rather than as the culmination.

Today is the conclusion of Carey’s BirthWeek.  It was a good run.  We’re still in the test phase with tweaking necessary, but this is turning into the best thing since self-propelled lawnmowers.

*One more thought – since there are 6 of us in our family, that means we will be celebrating a BirthWeek one and a half months out of the year.  If anybody can handle that much partying – it is the Carters.




1. JD - March 25, 2008

My mom has attempted to celebrate her “birthday month” as she calls it for as long as I can remember. While the idea is cool, a month is too long. I think that a BirthWeek is much more reasonable.

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