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Words are scarce April 3, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Humor.

I’m a man of few words.  This often leads to awkward pauses.  Which interestingly enough doesn’t really bother me, however it does bother those with whom I’m conversing.  If it’s an important conversation I like to think through what I’ll say before opening my mouth (if you open your mouth while you’re thinking it’s just bad manners).  If it’s just chit chat, I opt for succinct, perfectly timed comments to enhance the conversation through wit or humor.

I recently came across a blog post by a man named Schrute who came up with an ingenious way to reduce all meaningless conversation.  You can read it here.

Next time I see you, if all you get is a series of claps and grunts, you’ll wish you had read the article.



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