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What is a Healthy Church? May 12, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Books, Church.

Just finished this book by Mark Dever about 9 marks of a healthy church.  I’d heard some good things about Mark’s stuff so I decided to give it a try.

It is a small book that didn’t really say that much.  I only underlined 3 sentences in the whole book – which is unusual for me – I’m a big underlining guy.  Mark didn’t really say much that grabbed a hold of me.  Now I did agree with almost all of what he said, it just felt like I’d heard it all before .

I suppose for someone that is new to the faith and church world it could be helpful in choosing a local congregation to connect with,  but there are probably other resources I’d send them to first.

I don’t know if Mark just isn’t a good writer or if this was a subpar offering.  I’ll probably try one of his other contributions sometime to find the answer.



1. brad andrews - June 18, 2008

i’ve struggled with understanding the IX Marks thing for a while. as i was leaving the E-Free church in Columbia, they were transitioning to a IX Marks model.

i was so confused on why they start with expositional preaching as the first ‘mark.’ eh? worship isn’t even on the list. the others are pretty good…

and i am growing increasingly concerned with the lack of distinction between evangelism and mission…

my two cents…

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