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Exponential 08 b May 20, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church, Church Planting.

We took the Pre-launch track.  Our first session was with Greg Hawkins from Willow.  He shared findings from the second round of Reveal.  If you’re not familiar with Reveal watch the video.

I want to comment on a couple of things that Greg said.

“Our church needs to encourage individuals to grow through the personal disciplines.  These are the catalysts for spiritual growth – Bible study, prayer, serving those in need, giving, spiritual friendships.”  We all know this.  The problem is we’re not all doing it.  According to the findings in the study, not even most of us are doing it.

“Churches appear to be most effective in helping people in the early stages of spiritual growth.  The church moves into a secondary role later on.”  I’ve heard the adage a hundred times “God didn’t intend for us to sit and soak, because then we sour.”  The satisfaction level drops the longer you attend a church IF you are looking to that church to be the catalyst for your spiritual growth.  We have to get people outside of the walls or else church becomes something they critique rather than something they live.

“Satisfaction is the difference between expectations and what I got.  The reverse is also true.”  If what I get exceeds my expectations I am satisfied.  If what I get doesn’t meet my expectations I am dissatisfied.  A lot of people in my church and elsewhere (me included) approach church with the wrong expectations and therefore are never satisfied with their experience.



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