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Ron Burgundy and Jesus May 23, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in God, Humor.

Watch Ron Burgundy interview someone he thinks is Jesus.

Ron Burgundy Interviews Jim Caviezel on FunnyOrDie.com

A lot of people have misconceptions about Jesus.  Misinformation about Christ is far more prevalent than accurate information.  And I’d say that’s true both inside and outside the church.  The tragedy is that many inside the church think that they know the real Jesus, only to spend their time defaming His name by their lifestyles.

It seems overwhelming to try and swim upstream against the deluge of misinformation and hold out the truth about who Jesus is and what He is about (the gospel).  I wonder how my small circle of influence will matter.  But I trust that God will make Himself known.  He’s not trying to hide.  If someone wants to discover Him, He will come through.  In fact He’s far more interested in them knowing who He is then even they are.  The reason I push forward and hold up the gospel is that at some point He might want to use me to reveal Himself.  I guard my life and my message so that I will not misrepresent.



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