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Exponential 08 f June 19, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church, Church Planting.

We heard Ed for the second time during one of our main track sessions.  As usual he had some interesting stuff regarding what should drive the church (and the church planters).

“The how is determined by the who, when, and where of culture.”  This is why it is vital that we get to know the community in which we’re planting.  We can’t just guess and build our vision around ideals and methods.  It will be the specific people group that God uses to focus and refine the vision.  Ed introduced a really helpful website as far as getting to know your city.  Click here  You can find out what people groups live in your county, city, and even zip code.  This is an invaluable tool to know who it is that lives around you.

“Who is here that needs the gospel and is farthest from the gospel?  Rather than who here is like me.”  This was good for me to hear.  I’d been deceiving myself into thinking that God would only use me to reach people that are like me.  But Ed is right, it’s about who needs the gospel and me becoming what I need to be to interact and dialogue with them.

“The key is not contemporary – the key is contextual.  What style will help these people worship in spirit and in truth?”  This needs to become my mantra.  There is a lot of misunderstanding in my church right now regarding worship styles.  If only I can communicate this – it’s not about our preferences – it’s about our context.  Our context should determine the style.



1. jason allen - June 19, 2008

I’ve found the people groups site very helpful in the past. Haven’t checked it out in several months though. thanks for the reminder.

2. Ed Steffens - June 20, 2008

I am new to “church planting” messages, but old school when it comes to hearing the Spirit… In the book of Amos The King tells his people it is too hard for them to worship God as commanded and he set up two temples and separated the kingdom. God’s reaction is one of record…

If church planting and growth is about context. (as I interpret, a convenient, localized, or personal form of worship) how does this set against such scripture?

isn’t the term “contextual” almost antithetical to the term “Holy”?

“What style will help these people worhip in spirit and in truth”, is a magnificent question. still, I wonder, are you sure you want to use the word “style”?

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