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“Oh there you are, Clint” June 25, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church, God, Life.

I found myself yesterday.  It reminded me of this clip from the movie “Hook”.

It’ll take a little bit of explanation, but hang with me.  God has used several communicators to remind me over the last couple of months that spiritual growth and maturity is found in serving others.  Getting outside of yourself and being Christ’s hands and feet to those around you.  It all clicked in my head last night.

Jump back 15 years.  From the time I was 16, well into my mid 20’s, I had people make comments regularly that I had spiritual maturity beyond my years.  I never understood what made me different than my peers.  But it hit me last night, it was because I was regularly looking for places to serve and people to reach.  Coupled with a constant diet of the Word, my spiritual growth was steady.  I’m not saying any of this to draw attention to myself.  If anyone other than God deserves credit, it would be my mom.  From my earliest memories she had us out finding ways to minister and serve others together on a regular basis.  It just became apart of who I was.

This revelation also shed light on why my spiritual growth has slowed over the last 5-7 years.  As best I can tell, the change began right about the time I started getting paid full time in vocational ministry.  The water began to get murky for me.  Suddenly I was getting paid to do, what before I had only done out of service to my King.  As I began to view ministry as a paycheck, part of the blessing was stolen.  I began to view my service as an extension of my job rather than as an extension of who I was and wanted to be.  So if something was outside of my job description, I didn’t feel the need to participate.

Now I’m not saying that the last 5-7 years haven’t been filled with some authentic ministry moments, because they have.  But I want to return to the place where I constantly serve out of love and gratitude to my heavenly Father.  Where I reach out to others, not because I have to out of obligation to my paycheck, but I have to because there’s something burning inside of me to be who Christ has called me to be.

I realize this won’t come like the flip of a light switch.  I’ve been thinking of it incorrectly for several years so it will probably take a while to adjust my mindset.  But I feel like that moment in the movie “Hook”.  I’ve seen something in myself that has been dormant and hidden, and I can’t wait to rediscover it.



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