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The Andrews July 23, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Family, Life.

We spent Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon with Brad, Holly and their kids in Versailles, MO.  Shout out to Holly’s parents for letting us stay.  They have a beautiful house and it was a great space for the kids to play while we hung out.

Since 2 of mine are with Nana and Papa, there were ONLY 6 kids.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t that crazy and the kids played great together the whole time.

2 highlights

1) Brad and I built a bonfire to roast hot dogs and s’mores.  Good idea in theory.  We were over-zealous in the size of the fire.  It became an inferno that you couldn’t stand within 5 feet of.  And at 95 degrees and 90 percent humidity, we were drenched in sweat.  Still, we are men, so we roasted the hot dogs anyway.  We could only stand close enough to roast for 20 seconds at a time – then the heat became unbearable and we  would retreat 15 feet away from the fire to cool down.  Not so much fun, don’t think I’ve ever been that hot in my life.  But we overcame and the family had hot dogs for dinner – I’m pretty sure Brad and I suffered from heat exhaustion the rest of the evening.

2) Same night, we spent some time studying the first part of Acts chapter 1.  Some really great insights all around and very engaging conversation.  There is nothing like getting into the Word with like-minded believers.

On the way home, I actually stopped and turned around for $3.69 gas.  Sad, sad day.



1. brad andrews - August 3, 2008

i’m still sweating. and the hair is finally growing back on my hands and arms…

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