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Coldplay “Viva La Vida” July 25, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Music.

This was my first Coldplay exposure.  It gives me a different perspective when considering this album from other reviews I’ve seen.  I don’t have previous albums to compare it to, so it has to stand on it’s own merit.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect what I got.

I enjoyed the title track.  The opening rhythmic figure with strings keeps you interested.  Lyrically it’s a song that really works – great choice to go first person with a historical figure.  The other song that I kept finding myself drawn to was “42”.  I’m a sucker for a “i v V7” progression – especially since the V7 was a 1st inversion.  And anytime you can go “flatVI to V7” it’s money.

Other than that, there wasn’t a whole lot about the album that made me want to listen to it again.  They were eclectic in their instrumental approach – which is normally good.  Perhaps this album was seen as growth and maturity from the band’s normal offerings.  If that’s the case, bravo Coldplay, for branching out and trying something new.  However, for one who wasn’t a fan to start, I didn’t really here much that captivated me.



1. JD - July 28, 2008

Honestly, I thought this was the lamest Coldplay album in some time. They were somewhat more adventurous musically, but I can’t find myself wanting to listen to any of the songs besides Viva La Vida very often. I much prefer X&Y or A Rush of Blood to the Head if I’m going to listen to Coldplay.

2. Jonathan Bryant - September 13, 2008

Clint, please explore their earlier works:
Fix You, Yellow, Politik, The Scientist, Clocks.
You know I was never that into contemporary music, Cold Play brought me into the 21st Century. I’m not kidding. I can listen to them over and over.

While you’re at it (if you haven’t already) check out the sound track (and the movie for that matter) “Once”
Just beautiful stuff!
(esp. ‘When your Minds made up’ and ‘Lies’ (this would be great following a message on honesty)

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