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Pictures of Vacation August 11, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Life.

I love vacation – in case you can’t tell.  This picture was taken by Emma.

So much to share and only limited attention spans to share it with.  Follow this link, click here, to see a slide show of a few pictures I pulled out to narrate.  You might want to open 2 windows next to each other so that you can read and view pictures at the same time (it will be much more enjoyable that way.)

First stop, Garden of the Gods.  Very cool place, lots of fun rocks and good hiking.  My parents with Alli.  Carey and Alli.  Why I want to live in Colorado.  Madi and Emma holding up a giant rock (don’t worry they’re not really holding it up).  Alli pondering a 600 foot drop.  Madi and Emma in a cave.  Payton checking to see if we’re okay with him crawling through the fence and jumping in the stream.  Stairs at Seven Falls – ridiculous length of stairs to take 4 small children up and down – if you miss a step it is a long way down – look to the right of center and you’ll see the speck that is my mom to give you an idea of the height.  Payton dancing with Indians.  Emma made the Indian man smile when she held his hand.  Payton thought this was the Bat cave and was excited to be there.  Madi and Emma loved the train.  I really loved the train.  Carey and Al in front of the train.  Kids eating ice cream at the same place I did when I was their age on my first Colorado trip.  Dinosaur museum in Woodland Park was incredible.  Payton sharing a moment with Alli.  Alli trying to do a summersault on the sand.  5 pool pictures from the indoor waterpark we visited.  We all love the train.  Crazy hummingbird lady – she was intense about hummingbirds.  Madi entering Narnia through the wardrobe.  Madi and Em on stage at Focus on the Family.



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