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The Clone Wars Review August 15, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Movies.

Payton and I hit the movie theater tonight while the girls were out of town.  Our show of choice, Star Wars, The Clone Wars – the new animated movie.

If you like Star Wars and you have a 4 year old son who loves it – this movie will be a lot of fun for you.  Payton was intensely into the movie, jumping at the surprises, hanging on to me when the good guys were in trouble, cheering and clapping when they took out the bad guys.  He was thrilled before, during, and after.

That said, if you’re not taking someone under the age of 10 and looking for your entertainment in watching their reactions, you’ll probably want to skip this one unless you are a hard core fan.  Awkward dialogue (which unfortunately has become a trademark of Star Wars movies made in the last 10 years), not much of a storyline, and overall not that engaging.  (Seriously, who cares about a baby Hutt that’s been kidnapped – apparently no one but the leaders of the Republic.)  The animation was unique.  Some of it was downright stunning.  Not the humans though – they had a weird, wooden, puppet-like appearance that you never really get used to.

So thank you George Lucas for dissappointing me once again.  If you want my advice (which you probably don’t with the billions of dollars you’ve made off of this and the $15 you got out of me tonight), hire some good story tellers and go from there.  That’s why I fell in love with the original trilogy.  That’s what you’ve lost – you’ve gotten so wrapped up in the technology and marketing that you’ve ignored the most important thing.  And all of us, except the 4 year olds, are worse off for it.



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