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Discovering God’s Will September 5, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in God, Life.

I’m currently leading a class on Wednesday nights and we’re using the study “Discovering God’s Will” by Andy Stanley.  This is a dynamite study and some really grounded teaching on what the process should look like in each of our lives.

Other than having an ornery group:) – we had some really great discussion this week.

2 big ideas:  1) God has a personal vision for your life.  2) He wants you to know it even more than you do.

So often we (me especially) approach God’s will as something mysterious.  We think it’s this big game and God wants us to jump through hoops and solve the clues to figure it out.  Or we worry that we’ll miss it if we’re not tuned in enough.

That’s kind of silly.  God is the Creator of communication.  If he wants us to know something – He’s going to make sure we get it.  If you’re at a point in your life where you are looking for some specific direction from God (and you live in the KC area) – I’d invite you to come and join us next Wednesday.  If you’re looking for specific direction from God and you live elsewhere – go listen to the podcast of these 4 sermons – you can only find it on i-tunes “North Point Ministries: Andy Stanley”.



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