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Where it all began part 1 September 26, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church Planting.

2 years ago I didn’t really know what church planting entailed.  I was serving as the worship pastor at Hazelwood Baptist in Saint Louis.  God connected me with Bob Werner who graciously befriended me and took an interest in my ministry.  We would meet at Panera once every week or so to talk.  As I shared my heart and vision with him, Bob said that what I was talking about sounded like church planting.  He told me about Acts 29 (a church planting organization) and encouraged me to walk through their assessment process.

As I looked into what Acts 29 was about, it was obvious that I was on the same page.  I began the assessment process – only to hit a wall.  It became evident that God did not design me to be a lead planter.  I wasn’t the initial vision bearer nor did I have the entrepreneurial spirit to spearhead a church plant.  I was equipped to come alongside a lead planter and help make his vision a reality through developing other leaders and establishing processes to walk people who know nothing about Christ along the road to become a fully devoted Jesus follower.

The road block was that there wasn’t any type of organized network out there (that I could find) that could connect me with lead planters or prepare me to be involved in planting.  Right about this same time, E.M. Hay from Noland Road in KC, MO contacted me.  Noland Road was looking for a minister of worship.  The intriguing thing for me was that Noland Road was considering a new work (church plant) in the near future.  With the Acts 29 door seemingly closed, I thought that perhaps Noland Road was how we would eventually get to church planting.  I suppose I was right, just not in the way I envisioned.



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