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Utopia October 1, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Life.

We are one step closer to utopia.  Went to Burger King on Sunday.  Got a strawberry shake – first shake ever at Burger King.  Nothing special about the shake.  But behold the straw.  Remember the big, fat pencils you used to use in first grade?  That’s about the size.  No more will you toil to get a shake through a normal size straw.  It flows freely – leaving you to enjoy the shake rather than strain the muscles in your neck just to taste the ice cream. 

Also in honor of today (Oct. 1) – it’s time to get up.



1. Sugar - October 2, 2008

I thought by looking at the picture, it was a birthday candle, in honor of Emma’s 7th birthday. Something to be proud of for sure. Hope she had a wonderful day.

Special note to Carey:
Is Burger King based in Texas? Just asking, because everything is bigger in Texas, per Top-Top.

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