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Being Leaders October 3, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Leadership.

Just finished “Being Leaders” by Aubrey Malphurs.  Hands down the best leadership read I’ve had.  Biblically saturated, incredibly practical, and very interactive.  This will definitely get a second reading in a couple of years.  Christian leadership is something I am passionate about.  From my limited perspective, I would say that the church in America is in its present state due to leaders who lacked integrity, lacked vision, and were unwilling to raise up and empower future leaders.  There are exceptions – I’m the product of some of those men – but looking across the board, the ball was dropped.

Malphurs raises the bar for church leaders naming it their responsibility to make sure the church pursues its mission and doesn’t get side-tracked.  I really appreciated his insights on followership – what is a follower, what can be expected of them, and what makes a good follower.

Malphurs thoughts on Situational Leadership was dynamite.  I wish I’d read this 2 years ago.  He brings to light that ministry context is critical because it affects the amount of influence a leader is able to exercise and will ultimately determine a leader’s effectiveness.



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