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Sticking my neck out a little farther October 9, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church Planting.

I had a great meeting with John Mark Clifton yesterday.  We talked church planting and my journey to this point.  It was incredibly encouraging to talk with someone who has been there and done that.  He strongly affirmed our choice to share it with the church, essentially forcing us to rely on God and not having the option to back down.  Over the course of our dialogue, God used him to impress on me that we needed to take it a step further.  The current arrangement with Noland Road was that they would begin looking for a minister of worship as we waited on God to give us further direction regarding church planting.  The ambiguous nature of this agreement made many people in the church uncomfortable for our sake and their sake.  After talking with John Mark yesterday, I felt that it would be best for Noland Road and our family to go ahead and agree on an exit date and strategy.  I shared it with E.M. and now the wheels are in motion.  We don’t have any details yet – the strategy has to be drawn up by the Personnel Committee and voted on by the church body.  Within the coming week I should have a better idea of what this will look like.



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