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Exit Date and Tulsa October 16, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church, Church Planting, Life.

My last Sunday at Noland Road will be November 9.  There’s no backing out now, which is a little scary in the way of not having a job.  At the same time it’s exciting because we’ll be able to start pursuing church planting whole heartedly.  The reason I put the wheels in motion was because I wanted to move forward in faith.  I felt that if I didn’t go ahead and encourage Noland Road to begin looking for a replacement, I could hang on for as long as I wanted or eventually back away from the call of God and just stay in my comfort zone.  No more comfort zone 🙂  The church will be voting in a couple of weeks about providing some funding for us as we begin this journey – if they choose to do so it could be really helpful in the way of providing income for 2 months while I look for a job.

Tulsa – I’m leaving tomorrow with my good friend Brad Andrews to spend the weekend in Tulsa, OK.  Brad feels called by God to plant a church in the urban core of the city.  I’m going with him to discover if Tulsa and this church plant is where God is calling our family.  Pray that I will hear clearly from God one way or the other – and that if Tulsa is the right place, He will birth a vision in me for reaching the urban core with the gospel.



1. jason allen - October 16, 2008

Exciting scary stuff man. It’s gonna be cool to see what God does.

2. relevintage - October 16, 2008

who is this brad guy? he sounds like a stud…

3. Missy Bates - October 16, 2008

OKLAHOMA!! Oklahoma is good! Good luck and know that you are in our prayers. I enjoy reading your blog! Take care guys!!

4. Travis Q - October 17, 2008

That sounds great! My church was recently a new church that grew out of a Sunday School class in Tulsa and just started to blow up.
This weekend we’ll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary as a church.

If you happen to be in downtown Tulsa that night, feel free to join us for worship, food, and celebration.

God Bless.

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