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Back in Hazelhood October 20, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church Planting, Life.

Just got back to the ‘hood.  Drove here from Tulsa today and staying with some dear friends.  You know they must be special because I normally don’t use the word “dear”.  Saint Louis is a good place for me with a lot of great memories from our time at Hazelwood.

Sunday and Monday in Tulsa were PROVIDENTIAL – they must have been because I don’t normally capitalize an entire word.  God’s hand was evident throughout our visit in the encounters He arranged.  Answered prayer – He totally confirmed a call to plant in Tulsa.  I’ll unpack that in the coming days as well as relay our trip and the moments that were pivotal.

You might ask “Doesn’t Tulsa already have plenty of churches?”  That is an excellent question that I would love to dialogue with you about.  However it is midnight – I’ve been driving all day – I have to be up early – I’m tired.  Let me get back to you.



1. Travis Quinnelly - October 21, 2008

Glad to hear that God answered that prayer for Tulsa.

It was great to see you Sunday night and I’m awaiting to hear your full response to that excellent question you posed in the last paragraph.

2. Mike Powell - October 22, 2008

I’m also glad to hear God has given you a direction. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

3. Jim Schermann - November 4, 2008

If you ever come to Hazelwood again without stopping by and seeing Jim, Trudi and Gunther, I will pray that the Lord smite you down!!!!!! (Just kidding but our phone number hasn’t changed.)

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