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What if Starbucks marketed like a church? November 7, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church, Humor.

Starbucks is incredibly successful at inviting people into an experience and then drawing them back again and again – the American institutional church, not so much.  This is a great parody that might provide some insight into the why.




1. clintcarter - November 7, 2008

My favorite part – “Javalujah”

2. sandysays1 - November 7, 2008

Hey – something tagged as humor that’s funny! Oh well, if you want a few laughs visit SandySays1.wordpress.com

3. Brenda Ahring - November 7, 2008

Please tell me we don’t really do that at NRBC. Yeah, I recognize some of the behavior, but not most of it. Am I whacked???

4. clintcarter - November 7, 2008

We don’t do all of it, but probably a good portion. It’s hard for us to remember what the first visit was like – especially if we grew up in church and never had a first visit.

5. Sugar - November 8, 2008

Thought-provoking hyperlink.

6. Jonathan Bryant - November 15, 2008

That’s hilarious!
Dido on the “Javalujah”

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