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Good news November 17, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Church, Church Planting, Tulsa.

The first thing we were really excited about is that Noland Road is going to continue to partner with us in this church planting adventure.  Carey and I sat down with the church’s Global Focus National Team and shared our vision for Tulsa.  They were very encouraging and offered monthly financial support.  So we officially have our first ministry partners which is awesome!

The best part isn’t the funding (although that’s vital to this endeavor).  The best part is that they are taking a vested interest in our call and want to be involved on an ongoing basis.  We covet their prayer support and the chance to host teams from NRBC in the future to sponsor ministry projects and opportunities to serve Tulsa.



1. Steven Jones - November 18, 2008

I’m excited to see how God is developing the ministry in Tulsa. If you keep updating your blog on what God is doing and what you are learning, I’ll keep reading and praying for you!

2. clintcarter - November 18, 2008

Thanks man. Steve 5 standing by.

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