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Good Friends December 18, 2008

Posted by clintcarter in Life.

I spent 48 hours in Independence this week.  Woke up Tuesday morning to 4 inches of snow – absolutely beautiful.

The reason for the trip was to bring another load of stuff from our house to Duncan.  The visit ended up being incredibly encouraging.  Got to hang out with close friends throughout the 2 days.  People I really enjoy spending time with – where the friendships pick up right where they left off as if no time had passed.

You hate to leave those kind of life-giving friendships.  We left some in Saint Louis and now some in KC.  We’re really hoping that Tulsa is the place where we can plant ourselves for years to come and enjoy ongoing, ever deepening friendships.  But as always, we don’t serve ourselves.  We go when and where God calls.



1. Martha Green - December 23, 2008

Would love to have seen you. Would like to think we will have a continuing friendship, even if we are old! Still praying for you every day as promised but specific requests would be welcome. The kids choir sang on the 14th and we had 14 out of 21. They did a great job. Missed Payton. Miss you all.

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