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Dreaming of Spring January 6, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Baseball.

Opening Day is a mere 4 months a way – Spring Training even closer.  Just saw a blog post on the top 25 Ranger pitchers of all time.  Check it out here.

 There is no way any other organization in baseball has had less quality pitching in their history than my Texas Rangers.  I challenge you to show me an overall sorrier group.  It can’t be done.

This would also be the reason that we’ve never won a playoff series in team history.  Yet in spite of that, and in spite of the outlook for this season – I can’t wait for baseball to start.



1. JD - January 6, 2009

Haha that was actually incredible reading that list. The fact that people like Aaron Sele and Kevin Millwood, who people pretty much universally point to as failures, still made the list is AWESOME.

2. Rick - January 7, 2009

So true. Hey…me and some A29 guys are going to AZ spring training next year. I’m a Royals fan…so I’ll be watching several Rangers games as well since they share a facility. You been to spring training?

3. clintcarter - January 7, 2009

Never been to spring training. I was hoping to make it to AZ this spring – don’t know if it’s still a go though.

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