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9 years of Madison February 5, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Life.

madi-19 years ago today we welcomed Madi into the world.  16 hours of hard labor through the night, followed by an emergency C-section and Madison arrived at 2:26 p.m on a Saturday.  I can still remember the first time I held her and the thrill of kissing her cheeks and lips for the first time.  I remember carrying her out of the OR to our hospital room and not wanting to let go of her or pass her off to the grandparents.

She is just as precious to me today as she was on that first day 9 years ago.  I love the uniqueness of our relationship.  Madi is quick on her feet when ever I give her a hard time and is getting better and better about giving me a hard time as well.  We laugh together often.  She still likes to snuggle up next to me on the couch when we’re watching a movie and I don’t complain 🙂

The thing I admire most about Madi is that she loves God and loves people.  She cares for those around her that she sees hurting.  She chooses to be bold and courageous in making new friends.  She loves her siblings and is fiercely loyal to them.

Madison, I love you and am immensely grateful for the time God has granted me with you.  I can’t wait to see what God does with your life and how He uses you for His glory.



1. Ryan Goodrich - February 5, 2009

I can’t believe Madi is 9! I can still remember coming to visit you and Carey in the hospital after she was born and getting to hold her in my arms. She was cute then, and she’s even cuter now. (Must get that from her mother…Ha, Ha)

It is going to be exciting to watch and see what God does with her life in the years to come. I know He has special things in store for her. Of course, with good, godly parents like you and Carey, Madi can’t go wrong!

Looking forward to seeing you at the end of March!

2. Jonathan Bryant - February 14, 2009

That was a precious post Clint. There really is something special about your 1st baby girl. (Of course I only have one daughter, so…)
They grow up waaaay too quick!
Andrew just turned 6 and Angie turns 8 next month. It is just flying by!
Your family is just precious. I hate our kids don’t know each other.
We’ll have to fix that somehow. I am taking the week of spring break off. We may have to come see you guys for the week…few days…couple days…an afternoon…over lunch…during the ‘meet your neighbor’ portion of a church service… (just pick which works best for your tolerance level)
It will be hilarious if your kids react to my kids the way your family reacted to mine when we were that age! I would not be surprised.
But they’ll love each other in High school 🙂

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