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My Kids April 21, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Family.

Alli potty-trained in one day!  She is a candy-aholic.  It was the day after Easter.  The only way she could get a piece of candy was to go potty.  She must have gone potty 15 times that day.  That is incredible bladder control!  We’ve had to scale back on handing out the sweets because she’s been going potty so much.

Emma went walking with me last week.  She was telling me how much she was looking forward to being 16.  I asked her why.  She said “Well, when I’m 16 I’ll get a phone, a computer, and big breasts.”  How do you respond to that coming from a 7 year old?

Payton saw something and said “holy shoot”.  I was thankful he was using that variation rather than the other one.  I asked him why he said it.  His response, “Because it’s awesome!”  And with that my composure and my teaching moment flew out the window with a laugh.



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