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A day in OKC June 8, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Church Planting, Family, Life.

I led worship for my friend Mike at Extreme Church in Mustang, OK yesterday morning.  Led my new favorite song “Shine” for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Afterwards, Payton and I ate lunch with Ben and Mindy Janssen.  Ben and I talked for a couple of hours about theology, philosophy of ministry, and church planting all while listening to our first place Texas Rangers beat the Red Sox 6-3 (sorry JD).  That is the recipe for a great afternoon.

In the evening we went to a park for a Crosstown Church core group gathering.  This was Ben’s second core group meeting.  Had a great time meeting and visiting with the 17 people present.  After sharing a meal and listening to Ben talk about Crosstown, we hit the volleyball sands.  I love playing volleyball.  I don’t ever think about it unless I’m doing it – but it’s a game I really have fun with.

Carey, Madi, and Emma drove in from KC while we were playing V-ball.  So I got to see my girls after a weekend away 🙂  Once it got dark, the Carter 5 went back to the Janssen house where we visited more with Ben and Mindy while the kids played.  We left about 10:45 to head back to Duncan.  Emma and I got a Strawberry Slushy on the way home – a great ending to a great day.



1. Mom - June 12, 2009

I understand why that is your new favorite.

You are very clearly starting on a new journey, a new adventure, with your whole heart focused on shining for Jesus and drawing the world to Him. May God fulfill those dreams as you reach for Him!

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