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Star Trek June 12, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Movies.

Carey and I went to see Star Trek this week.  I’m not a Trekkie by any stretch, though I have seen all of the movies.  So I write from a position of familiarity rather than authority.

I loved the movie and felt like it was the best I’ve seen this year.  I thought the acting was superb (not always the case with Star Trek) and the chemistry between the main characters was excellent.  The storyline was interesting and I think it was ingenious to send these very familiar characters into a different future.  That way you don’t know what’s coming and there is a very real sense of danger that you don’t normally get from prequels.

I loved the ways in which they payed homage to the original actors.  Incredible job by the casting director.  It was a joy to revisit the characters when they were young and full of energy rather than when they are old and overweight.

For me, this was everything I hoped the Star Wars prequels would have been.  This movie breathed life back into the franchise and made me look forward to more.  Even for someone who wasn’t familiar with the franchise, like my wife, this was an enjoyable story.

Looking forward to seeing it again sometime.



1. julianne - June 13, 2009

definately epic.

2. Jonathan Bryant - June 15, 2009

I could not agree more, and I really am a bit of a trekkie! It is by far the best I’ve seen since The Dark Knight.

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