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California June 17, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Church Planting, God.

So I’m in California this week.  Today I played frisbee golf and elbow tag with a bunch of guys that are college campus ministers – really they’re just grown-up youth ministers.

Oh yeah, and I’m going to Missionary Support School everyday from 8-5.  Eye-opening teaching on Biblical apologetics for raising support.  Some very practical plans of implementation.  Plus a whole lot of role playing and working through our presentations.

On the front side I really wondered if raising support could be done in a way that both honors God and the individuals.  After 2 days I’m convinced not only that it can be, but that it’s a privilege to share what God is doing and invite people to be apart of that.  If God has truly called us (which I believe He has) to fulfill His plans in OKC – than supporting His purposes is one of the wisest investments possible.  And in fact, as I’ve listened to the stories of these other missionaries and the work that God has called them to, I want to give to their visions.  Once I get home and talk with Carey, we will be choosing some of them to partner with by investing in God’s kingdom work through them.

One thing that stuck with me from our commissioning service last month.  The speaker said “You need to pray more for missions.  You need to give more to missions.  You need to go more and be personally involved in missions.”  And he said this to a room full of people that were giving their lives to full time missions service!  And he was absolutely right.  I need to be doing all three of those things in ever increasing measure for the rest of my life.  Regardless of how much I am praying, giving, or going, I always need to be challenged, encouraged, and inspired to do more.

And that is taking place this week.



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