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The other pastor September 15, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Church Planting, God.

At Crosstown Church we believe in leadership by a team of Biblically qualified elder/pastors.  As of right now there are 2 of us.  Ben and me.  There will be more someday, but for now there’s not.

One of my favorite things about Ben is his ability to teach God’s Word.  Right now on Sunday nights we’re doing a hybrid between a Bible study and a worship service.  Sometimes the preacher in Ben starts coming out and I absolutely love it.  I love his passion for God and the Scriptures.  His wisdom and depth of insight continually amaze me.  God shows me something new every time I sit under Ben’s teaching.

Sunday night he was talking about serving God and brought up the passage where Jesus says “you can’t serve both God and money.”  We talked about what it means to serve money and that you don’t serve money by doing something for it.  You serve it by being controlled by it and seeking the delight it can bring you.

Jesus draws a parallel between how we interact with money and how we interact with God.  Am I finding delight in God and what He offers?  Am I yielding myself to His control?  Am I dedicating myself to the pursuit of God?

Thanks Ben for bringing this up and challenging me once again.



1. Ben Janssen - September 16, 2009

Thanks, Clint, for your kind words (I’ll slip you a twenty later). But to be fair, I got my parallel between serving money and serving God from elsewhere. I’m not that smart.

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