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A day of the unexpected November 30, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Family, Life.

Yesterday did not turn out at all like I thought it would.

As we were driving back from Thanksgiving we decided that we would spend Sunday afternoon decorating the Christmas tree.  The kids were excited.  Once we arrived at home and started pulling out our Christmas decorations we ran into a tiny problem.  We couldn’t find the tree!  I guess it got lost in the move this last year 😦  Since all the boxes were out we did go ahead and put up the stockings which provided some measure of consolation.

Our church, Crosstown, just moved out of our living room last week and we’ve started meeting at a different location downtown.  Carey and I were talking about how glad we were that we didn’t have to clean up the house yesterday for church.  But it wasn’t to be.

When I arrived last night at our new location the doors were locked and we couldn’t get a hold of security.  So about 10 minutes til 6 I called Carey and told her to get Madi and Emma to help her do a mad cleaning because church would be meeting at our house tonight after all!

The good news is that the girls worked hard to clean the house and had it presentable by the time people started showing up, people were flexible and didn’t mind driving a few blocks to our house, and Nana and Papa dropped off their old Christmas tree this morning for us to use.

So it all worked out, just not the way we planned.



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