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Baby magic December 21, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Beets.

I have a theory that babies possess a magical ability to put me to sleep.  Without fail, anytime I pick up a baby, I get this overwhelming urge to sit down in a recliner and take a nap with them.  I got to play with my nephew Travis yesterday who is 10 months old.  While I was sitting there holding him, baby magic struck again, and I had to fight off sleep.

According to my theory, a baby’s magic weakens with every passing month so that by the time they are 5 years old it is gone completely.  Alliyah still has a strong bit of baby magic, evidenced by the fact that I love taking naps with her.

The only exception to this rule that I know of is my wife.  She has an unnatural amount of baby magic still running through her veins (I speculate that it came from one of her 4 pregnancies).  Anytime she sits down next to me on a couch I immediately get drowsy and want to take a nap.

Please understand that this is still just speculation on my part as I don’t have any conclusive evidence yet – but I’m working on it 🙂



1. Mom - January 9, 2010

I would beg to differ with your speculation. This power Carey has over you started when you were dating. I could send you the perfect picture to add to this blog entry from when you were dating if you would like.

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