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My first blizzard December 29, 2009

Posted by clintcarter in Life.

2 birds with one stone.  Last week I not only experienced my first blizzard but also my first white Christmas!  (We had a dusting one year in Saint Louis, but you could still see the grass through the snow – so that doesn’t count).  The huge storm that came through Oklahoma on Christmas Eve dumped 6 inches of snow on us in Duncan and an unheard of 12 inches at our house in OKC.

I love driving on snow and am thankful that they haven’t cleared off the roads in our neighborhood yet.  I even saw one person skiing down the street!  Lots of snowmen and one of neighbors built an igloo.  Quite impressive as you can see.

Payton can’t get enough of snowball fights.  Every time we go to the car he throws a snowball at me.

We’re supposed to get more snow today and tomorrow!  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!



1. Mom - January 9, 2010

After 8 or more inches of snow at the ranch and two-foot snow drifts, I was also having a blast crunching and stomping around in the snow. The next day, I so wanted your daddy to come build a snow-man with me. Since he had spent considerably more time out in the snow attending to chores (like feeding the cows and breaking the ice on the stock tank), he wasn’t being very conducive to my request. However, when he saw I had my heart set on it, he gladly brought a snowball into the cabin and threw it at me while I was snuggling in the bed. Guess Payton got his love of snowballs from Top-Top!

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