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33 down, 1 to go January 8, 2010

Posted by clintcarter in God, Life.

Today is my 33rd birthday.  I’ve always figured that 33 would be a significant year.  Jesus accomplished a great deal in the year He turned 33, so I have high hopes for myself this year:)  In order to accomplish big things, I have 3 goals.

1) Understand and Believe the Gospel more deeply – I want to grow in awareness of my depravity and sinfulness so that I will be more amazed by what Jesus did on my behalf.  Then let that be the motivation for all that I do.

2) Lead Carey, Madi, Emma, Payton, and Alli to understand and believe the gospel more deeply

3) Lead my friends, both current and those yet to be, to understand and believe the gospel more deeply

If I look back next year at this time and see progress in my life on all three fronts – it will have been a very successful year.



1. Mom - January 9, 2010

I will never fully understand the amazing connection between a mother and her children, even when they are hundreds of miles away. In my prayer journal this morning (before I opened this blog), I had just written:

“Father, Clint turned 33 years old yesterday, the same number of years Your Son lived on the earth ministering. And Clint is in an exciting ministry opportunity, desiring to see people come to Your Son through living relationally in his community. You have called them to Oklahoma City to share Your Good News and they are faithfully doing so. Thank You for blessing him with a partner for life in Carey that understands his passion and vision. Thank You for their wonderful children. Thank You for providing 78% of his budget to support his family through the generosity of so many who have caught the vision and joined in this effort to reach the lost…..”

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