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My Favorite Musicals January 15, 2010

Posted by clintcarter in Movies, Music.

Watching “Singing in the Rain” with the kids tonight.  It’s one of our favorite movies to watch as a family.  It got me to wondering about my top 10 musicals (both stage and movie) of all time.

10. Across the Universe – some fantastic remakes of Beatle’s songs

9. Jungle Book – no choice but to sing along

8. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – the barn raising is one of my favorite musical dancing scenes

7. The Little Mermaid – superb songwriting

6. Mary Poppins – Julie Andrews, the best musical actress of all time (and I’ll fight you for it)

5. Sound of Music – more Julie, I could listen to her sing all day

4. The Phantom of the Opera – haunting refrains and soaring melodies with captivating orchestration

3. Les Miserables – hands down my favorite stage production.  I love how the various characters deal with redemption

2. Moulin Rouge! – the music is phenomenal and it’s Obi Wan Kenobi singing. What’s not to like?

1. Singing in the Rain – charm, wit, great singing, great dancing, actors that look like they’re having a good time – you can’t beat it



1. JD - January 20, 2010

I absolutely agree with #1.

2. clintcarter - January 20, 2010

I forgot one – or really a trilogy – High School Musical. For the top ten list, I’ll lose the Jungle Book and then slide HSM into the number 6 slot.

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