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Parental moments January 19, 2010

Posted by clintcarter in Family.

I took Emma to her first basketball practice last night.  She had a blast and I had a blast watching her.  For some reason I just really enjoyed watching her.  It struck me as she was running sprints with the other kids.  (Side note – watching second graders do sprints can be very entertaining.)  As she ran, it made me smile.  She was enjoying it so much.  But then, Emma is just like that.  She’s very much an “in the moment” type of person.  Sometimes that causes problems, but this was a time when I really noticed how much she enjoys life – probably far more than I do.

Emma was very emphatic both about playing basketball and about me coaching.  It struck me that for some reason this was important to her and it would be a good chance for us to spend time together.  I’m thankful I realized it and didn’t blow it off as I do far too often.



1. Mom - February 2, 2010

Your daddy and I took Emma to her first rodeo about a year ago. She jumped right down on the fence in the front with all of the other rodeo kids and was a part of the action from the very first. You are right, she is an involved kind of girl.

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