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Are we rich Daddy? June 17, 2010

Posted by clintcarter in Family, Life.

Madi asked me last week “Daddy, how much money do you have to have to be rich?”

My first thought was “someone with a six figure income”.  But before I spoke, another thought replaced it.  I realized that the assumption behind her question is that “we don’t have enough”.  I have a feeling that if you surveyed average Americans with that question, most people would label the “rich people” as those who have more than them – regardless of their income.

Why is it that in our culture we always ask “what don’t I have” rather than “what do I have”?

All of that hit me instantaneously.  So I replied to Madi “We are rich.  And not just in the spiritual sense.  Financially we are wealthy.  We have a house filled with creature comforts that most of the world never even dreams of.  We have plenty of food, none of us will go to bed hungry tonight.  We have our own transportation.  We have access to medical care.  We have so many clothes that there are some that we never wear.  95% of the world would look at us and be envious of our quality of life.”

I know that materialism tries to seduce me at every turn.  Far too often I fall prey to its lies.  But I pray that God will change my thinking so that I truly begin to believe what I shared with Madi.



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