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Before and After June 30, 2010

Posted by clintcarter in Life.

With this new house, there are going to be a lot of before and afters.  I won’t post them all, but this one was pretty amazing.  The backyard was completely trashed and overgrown.  Literally trash everywhere – old toilets, rolls of chain link fence, dead animals and lots and lots of dog poop.

Carey’s dad, her brother, and our friend Jason turned it into a new place yesterday.  They moved out all the junk and then went to work with a chainsaw, hedge trimmers, and shovels  to transform it.  I am grateful for their help and don’t know what we would have done without them.



1. Erica - June 30, 2010

No more scary dogs in the backyard? Ah, too bad.

2. singinginthedistance - June 30, 2010

Are there supposed to be pictures with this? They’re not showing up for me if there are.

Regardless, I’d actually be really interested to see ongoing before/after pictures. The house looks like it has the potential to be awesome, and I’ve actually done a fair amount of that kind of work, so it’d be fun to see it.

Really glad God’s blessed you with things coming together like they have.

3. Lori Brummet - July 1, 2010

Where are the pictures??????

4. clintcarter - July 1, 2010

Oh right. I guess I should put up pictures if I use the words “before and after”. Sorry for the false advertising. I’ll make sure they are included next time 🙂

5. Elizabeth Garvin - July 1, 2010

I agree with Lori!!! pictures please and the faces of those that helped. So we can see the resemblance! Hee, Hee! Love you all from GA!

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