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Is that light I see? July 20, 2010

Posted by clintcarter in Life.

Working on this house is seriously cutting into my blogging time 🙂  Spent most of today pretending to be an exterminator and a plumber.  We are getting close to getting the place live-able.  There is still plenty to do and we’re waiting on some windows we’ve ordered to replace the broken ones.  But we are beginning to move some of our belongings in.

I know I should take some pictures, but that’s the last thing on my mind after spending the day working in a 95 degree house.  Our water line from the street is in and covered.  We still have a mammoth trench running through the backyard waiting on the city to inspect the sewer line.

One exciting thing is that we have removed most of the giant debris/junk pile that has been sitting in the driveway for the past month.  It’s taken lots of trash cans and repeated trips to a local dumpster (with permission of course) to clean up the place.

I’m really hoping that we can get the A/C hooked up tomorrow.  I know the kids would appreciate it.  They’ve been troopers.  They have spent several hours each day in a 90 degree living room with only a dvd player and a few toys.

We are really excited about our new home.  Can’t wait for the first night that we get to stay there!



1. Elizabeth Garvin - July 20, 2010

Pls take pics or get your photographer wife to take some so we can see the progression of the house!!! It also gives us a chance to see what we can pray for concerning the house and all! Love you all! Love from GA!

2. Brenda Ahring - July 20, 2010

Clint, I have hedge trimmers I forgot to send with Andrea and Josh. I’ll bring them when I bring Ethan down. Can’t wait to see the house!

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