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Rob Bell and me March 18, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Books, God.

The evangelical online community (affectionately referred to as the EOC)  is up in arms.  Rob Bell’s latest book “Love Wins” has them in a state of frenzy.  There has been more blogging about this book than any in recent memory.

The EOC is upset, from what I can gather, because Rob makes the claim that Jesus isn’t the only way to heaven.  Rob suggests that God will pursue and win over everyone regardless of their religious preference in this life.

Instead of a rebuttal (which has been posted by people much smarter than me), my thoughts went a different way.  I realized that my theology isn’t that different from Rob’s.  While I might not make a public claim for Christian Universalism (which essentially is what Rob did), I am all too often a universalist in my silence.

I won’t tell you that I believe everyone will be saved in spite of who or where they place their faith, but more often than not, that’s how I live.  I am content to sit on the Good News about Jesus, without caring whether the people around me know it or not.  I don’t treat it as life-changing, necessary information – rather more like a good book of fiction that I read which I may or may not tell you about, depending on my perception of you.

Even though I live a bad theology, nobody confronts me about it.  And as long as I’m subversive, or point the finger at others who are louder than me, I can go on my way unmolested.

Should Rob Bell be called out for publishing bad theology?  Absolutely!  Should I be called out for the bad theology that exudes from my life?

Umm…Hey, have you read the latest book by that heretic Rob Bell?

“Watch your life and doctrine closely.  Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.”  I Timothy 4:16



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