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Between Two Worlds May 18, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Oklahoma City, Sports.

I have a lot of friends in OKC and DFW.  Reading the posts on Facebook last night during the game was amusing.  All of the DFW people were rejoicing for Dirk and JJ.  All of the OKC people were moaning over the officiating (side note for my OKC peeps – you can’t complain about the officiating when your team goes to the free throw line more often than Dallas, plus you have no room to complain until a ref takes away your NBA Chamipionship like happened to Dallas in 2006.)

As a Dallas fan, it was a beautiful game. Dirk took 39 shots – 36!!!! of them went in.  Re-DIRK-ulous!  And between Jason Terry and JJ, I almost enjoy watching our second unit as much as the starters.  I don’t want him to get lost in the shuffle, but Tyson Chandler is the cog that is making our defense stalwart.  He is the reason that Westbrook doesn’t want to come into the paint.

Looking forward to Game 2 on Thursday.



1. Ryan Goodrich - May 18, 2011

I have rarely seen anyone shoot the basketball as well as Dirk did last night. The Thunder probably could have put all five players on him and he still would have scored — he was that much in the zone. Yet, the Thunder did close the gap to five there in the fourth quarter, and KD did hang 40 on the Mavs in that game. Game 2 should be very interesting (and I, personally, am hoping for a 1-1 series heading to OKC this weekend!).

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