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Admission June 3, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Sports.

I admit it.  I lost hope last night.  Watching the Mavs in the Finals, down by 10 midway through the 4th quarter, I assumed it was over and I turned off the TV.  It’s not so much that I didn’t want to finish the game as I just couldn’t stomach the LeBron lovefest by the announcers.  It was like listening to a broadcast written by LeBron’s mom and his agent.  Plus, I’m not sure I can stand another replay of one of the Heat players screaming after they make a shot.  That would be like me finishing a point in my sermon and screaming in triumph because I did what I’m supposed to do.  Makes no sense to me.  But then LeBron is the King of Hype and celebrating nothing.

Did you see what Dirk did last night after scoring the winning bucket?  He ran back down the court to play defense.  There was no primal screaming.  No pounding his chest.  You know why?  Because he did what he’s supposed to do and he realizes that he hasn’t won anything unless he’s holding the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Amazing comeback last night.  One of the greatest in NBA Finals history.  It breathed life back into my team.  I’ll be watching Game 3 on Sunday, but I wish they had a LeBron-free version.



1. Mom - June 3, 2011

Daddy said, he had more confidence in them and watched until the final ending. He also said the only reason the other team lost was because they got the big head and was all about themselves.

As a mom, I guess I can understand how a mom would be bragging on her child, but it isn’t too pretty when the child brags on himself. At least not past the age of three…”Yeah, Clint!!!” you used to say as you put a puzzle piece in correctly, but you were a preschooler at the time!

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