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My homework load September 12, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Beets.

Who knew that being in Middle School would be this much work?  The jump from a 5th grade homework load to a 6th grade homework load is silly.  I didn’t have this big of a jump between high school and college or between bachelors and masters degrees.

The thing I’m not sure 6th grade teachers realize is that it’s not just the students whose lives they are affecting.  Between Carey and I, we end up doing 2 hours of homework with Madi every day of the week.  But then maybe this is all apart of their ploy to get parents to spend more time with their children – if so, it’s working.

If I promise to spend quality time with my kid everyday can we drop the crazy load?



1. Valerie F. - September 12, 2011

I hear ya’. After our two newest boys moved in with us in March, I was thrown {violently} into the world of 4th grade homework. I’m only a few weeks into the world of 5th grade homework (it seems a little better, but we are at a different school with different teachers), but I’m definitely already scared for what 6th grade homework will bring next year…

2. Mom - September 19, 2011

Only if you promise!

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