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The year of kisses September 13, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Family, Life.

My days of baby/toddler/preschool displays of affection are drawing to an end.  Not that I don’t give regular kisses and hugs to my other kids, but everyone in the room would be uncomfortable if I was carrying Emma around and giving her continuous kisses on her cheeks and forehead 🙂

It seems backwards how affectionate we are toward babies yet as a child grows our physical displays of affection diminish.  I am more amazed by Madi now and love her so much deeper than I did 11 years ago when I first met her in the hospital.  Yet now I only express it through a couple of hugs each day and a kiss on her forehead before she goes to bed.

Yesterday Alli crawled up into my lap while we were all playing Mario Kart just to kiss me on the cheek and lay her head against mine.  That won’t be the case much longer.  I’m trying to enjoy these moments, but can’t help but realize that they are almost over.

Maybe that’s what makes being a grandparent so magical.  You get another chance to display elaborate affection, but this time you realize how precious those moments are.



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