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10 years of Emma October 4, 2011

Posted by clintcarter in Family, Life.

10 years ago this week our lives got a lot more exciting.  We knew things would be different but I don’t think any of us were ready for Emma.

Without a doubt I can say that our lives would have been much more dull if God had not blessed our family with her.  Emma brings an energy and enthusiasm to everything she touches.  This has been a cause for great frustration at times and great laughter at others.

There have been moments throughout Emma’s life when I wasn’t sure she would live to see her next birthday because of various incidents where she pushed her mom’s patience to the breaking point.  Thankfully those moments have become fewer and fewer with each passing year.

Emma has really started to blossom over the last year.  She is showing more and more responsibility at home.  She is diligent with her schoolwork and violin.  She has a sensitive heart and cares deeply for those around her.  She loves to cut up with grown-ups and is always saying something funny.

Emma, your Dad loves you very much.  You make my heart happy and I love spending time with you.



1. Mom - October 4, 2011

Yes, Emma Angel, Grandma Sugar agrees you are such a bundle of energy, at times you leave us in the dust! Share some of your energy with me!

Love ya,

2. RachelC - December 1, 2011

oh, I’m so sorry we missed Emma’s birthday! It’s a really late birthday hug from the eggrolls, but we’re also so thankful for the life and love God has put in your heart! I’ll always remember your kindness and thoughtfulness to my kids (and me too!)

happy late birthday, dear friend!

great mama, for great papa and our whole family too. =)

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