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Anticipating my need February 1, 2012

Posted by clintcarter in God, Life.

Saturday was challenging for me.  I have several friends who are going through difficult seasons right now, and as their pastor I get to share in their burdens.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the needs and didn’t know if I had the capacity to minister to them.

Little did I know, Saturday night several of my other friends had seen the needs and began to talk about how they could rearrange their schedules to help.  Before I even began to ask God for help, He was already providing it.

Tuesday morning in my journal I asked God to provide people to help in each of these circumstances.  Tuesday afternoon I had coffee with a friend from the second group who informed me that they had talked over the weekend and brainstormed about how they could help.

All I could think this morning is that God is Good.  He knew my need before I asked.  Even when I was in the midst of despair over the need, He was providing a solution.  But He didn’t reveal the answer to me right away.  He allowed me to remain in the place of uncertainty for a couple of days.  During that time I was reminded of my insufficiency and my need for Him.  And that is good, because I forget that regularly.

He is a Good Father and I am honored to be one of His sons.



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