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My Platform – Digglesday February 29, 2012

Posted by clintcarter in Beets.
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I’m still tossing around the idea of running for president since this is the first year of eligibility for me.

I’ve had a hard time determining my platform, but I think I discovered it today.  Leap Day.  We’re doing it all wrong.  This day has the potential to be epic.  But it’s not.  Sure a couple of retail stores are offering special deals today, but nothing to get worked up over.

My proposal is 3 fold 1) a new name, 2) a new day, 3) a new celebration.

1) Leap Day doesn’t capture the imagination.  We need a name worthy of the celebration that will ensue.  I propose “Digglesday”.  It suggests the whimsical nature of a day that only shows up once every 4 years.

2) Digglesday will have its own day of the week.  This year Leap Day is on Wednesday.  Digglesday would not share a day of the week.  It would be its own day.  For instance, if it were reality this year, yesterday was Tuesday February 28 and tomorrow would be Wednesday March 1.  Digglesday would stand alone in space and time.  It would not be chained to a normal day of the week.  It would be its own entity.

3) Digglesday would be a global holiday.  All businesses would shut down for the day, we would turn off the internets, and people would gather together with the people they like most for a day of celebration and parties.  No more obligatory office parties or extended family gatherings – you get to hang out with all the people you want to (if you like hanging out with your co-workers or family you can certainly do that).

America, if you elect me as your next president.  I promise you that 4 years from today we will celebrate the first Digglesday and it will be EPIC.




1. Mike Powell - February 29, 2012

Can we watch the Machete-ordered Star Wars films on Digglesday?

clintcarter - February 29, 2012

Mike, that is the second best idea I’ve heard all day. Not only can we do that, but I’ll include it in the legislation.
And you’d definitely be one of the people I’d want to hang out with that day.

2. Cindy Carter - March 2, 2012

Certainly is something to consider!


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