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They’re getting smarter April 26, 2012

Posted by clintcarter in Beets.

5 down.  At least 3 more to go.

But the squirrels in our back yard are getting smarter.  Maybe it was watching their comrades be carried off one by one in the cage, maybe they’ve communicated with each other and decided that they like the taste of lion, whatever the case may be they have brought the fight to us.

Instead of meekly crawling into the trap with the acorns, they have begun to spring the trap, turn it over and spirit away the nuts.  Today that ends.  I put 3 tent stakes through the floor of the trap so it’s not moving.

I wish I could be out there when they try to tip it over now.  I’d say “Did that go the way you thought it would? …  Nope.”



1. Debby - April 26, 2012

Always knew you’d wind up talking to squirrels.

2. Mom - April 26, 2012

All you have to do is watch the movie, “Over the Hedge”, to know that animals are pretty hard to catch, so why are you surprised?

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