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Let these words sink in… August 13, 2012

Posted by clintcarter in God.

Our Missional Family was reading Luke 9 together last week.  This morning I got stuck on verse 44.

Let these words sink in: the Son of Man is about to be betrayed into the hands of men.

I got stuck because I honestly don’t think these words have “sunk in” yet.  I’ve been a follower of Jesus for 29 years, yet I still don’t grasp the gravity of His words.  “God betrayed into the hands of men.”  All kinds of alarms should be going off at this statement.  How could this be?  Why is the Superior being given over to the Inferior?  How can someone betray God?  Is He not smart enough?  Is He not strong enough to resist?

This doesn’t even make sense.  It’s like me being betrayed by ladybugs.  It’s nonsense.  There is no way THE GOD could fall unaware into this situation.  Unless… unless He chose to.  Which sets off a whole other slew of alarms and objections.  Why would He allow Himself to be betrayed by His Creation?  Is He bored?  Is He a masochist?  What is He hoping to accomplish?  Why would He submit Himself to betrayal without revealing who He was?

Yet all of this has grown familiar to me.  I’ve grown old and comfortable with the extraordinary.  I’ve stopped asking questions.  I’ve stopped pondering the meaning and implications in deep, soul-shaking ways.  Jesus, forgive me.  Forgive me for belittling Your accomplishment.  Let “these words” sink into my mind/heart this week.



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