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Les Miserables best recordings February 12, 2013

Posted by clintcarter in Music.

This is a follow up to my last post.  My sister asked me which recording of Les Miserables I prefer.  Well, specifically she asked if any of them lived up to my high musical standards.  To answer your question Mindy, none of them are perfect.  I don’t have a favorite recording of Les Miserables – although I probably listen to the Original Broadway Cast Recording (1987) most often.

Instead of an overall favorite recording, I have favorite character performances from those who play each role.  Below are the ones I enjoy most with the song that’s the highlight of their performance for me.

Valjean – Original Broadway Cast Recording.  “Bring Him Home” Nobody beats Colm Wilkinson. Nobody.  He’s like the Chuck Norris of musicals.

Fantine – 10th Anniversary Concert Cast – “I Dreamed a Dream”

Javert – Les Miserables Live. The 2010 Cast.  The last minute of “Stars” is phenomenal.

Cosette – 10th Anniversary Concert Cast “Heart Full of Love”

Marius – 10th Anniversary Concert.  I know that Marius is supposed to be young, but I prefer a more mature voice especially for the emotion of “Empty Chairs.”

Revolutionaries – Original Broadway Cast Recording. “Red and Black”

Eponine – 10th Anniversary Concert Cast. Best rendition of “On My Own” ever.



1. Cindy Carter - February 12, 2013

Thanks, Clint, for the details. So are these available easily as individual songs through iTunes or other vendor?

clintcarter - February 12, 2013

My suggestion is to listen to them on Spotify and decide if you like them before you purchase the tracks.

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